High Power Testing

ITL is only one of a handful of facilities in the southern hemisphere which offers high power testing services, including high voltage, heavy current and high impulse.

From within our separate and isolated control room, we can offer clients a safe, accurate and reliable way to evaluate concepts and prototypes for R & D purposes, or to test finished products which may need to comply with regulations or meet international standards.

As an independent high power testing facility, you can be sure of the absolute integrity of the test data and results from ITL. You will also find us flexible and accommodating, so that we can meet your exact testing needs.

If you require high power testing of semi-conductors, surge protectors, transformers, circuit breakers or electrical boards etc., our robust facilities and highly experienced team can offer you a comprehensive package or tailored, flexible service.

Our facilities

For safety reasons, we have a well established and separate facility in the heart of Christchurch’s industrial estate, readily available for both local and international clients and conveniently close to the airport.

Our engineers have a wealth of testing experience both in New Zealand and on a variety of international standards. We utilise robust test equipment and meters and our data acquisition is controlled via digital and fibre optic links.

For accurate analysis, our high power testing equipment is calibrated with a tolerance of just +/- 1%. We are capable of supplying ac/dc withstand voltages up to 300kV, ac short circuit currents exceeding 40,000 Amps and impulse voltages of up to 600kV.

Our services

Our capabilities enable us to carry out the following services, whether for development or conformity purposes:

High Voltage testing:
  • AC voltage
  • DC voltage
  • Fast transit surge voltage
  • Artificial pollution
Heavy Current testing
  • Active load current switching
  • Bus transfer current switching
  • Capacitive current switching
  • Electromagnetic current switching
  • Electrostatic current switching
  • Magnetizing and small inductive current switching
  • Shunt reactor current switching
  • Cable discharge
  • Internal arcing
  • Line discharge
  • Pressure relief
  • Short circuit
  • Short line fault
  • Short time withstand current and peak withstand current
  • Temporary over-voltage
High Surge testing
  • Component tests
  • External lightning protection
  • Lightning current and surge arresters
  • Low voltage distribution boards
  • Lightning impulse
  • Switching impulse
  • Measuring partial discharge
  • Measuring RIV
  • Measuring surge
  • Measuring space charge
  • Wet testing
Other Expertise
  1. We offer expert assistance during the design, development and performance assessment of locally developed products.
  2. We also offer Software Analysis for complying to Clause 19.11.4 of 60335-1, whether for development of conformity purposes.

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