HALT Testing

A stress testing method, HALT Testing subjects products to environmental stresses, accelerating them beyond normal usage expectations.

In this way, any design, engineering or component weaknesses are exposed during the product’s development phase.

Using a process of triaxial vibration combined with thermal shock, Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) has been proven to help companies improve the reliability of products in use, avoiding expensive recalls or returns.

Quite simply, HALT Testing will show you in hours or days, product weakness that may otherwise take months or even years to manifest themselves.

HALT Testing Facilities

Identifying what fails and how is the key to successful Highly Accelerated Life Testing. In the laboratory, stresses are applied to a subject in a controlled, incremental fashion while the unit under test is continuously monitored for failures.

To help us determine this, our lab is fitted with state of the art HALT Testing equipment, such as our Qualmark Typhoon 2.5 HALT & HASS chamber.

The chamber enables us to carry out:

  • HALT Testing
  • Field failure diagnosis
  • Regression testing
  • Quality control
  • Alternate part, or design qualification

With this we are able to precisely diagnose failure points, giving you a clear signal for corrective action.

Following any corrections to the product we can exactly repeat the conditions of failure in a follow-up HALT Testing program to determine the success of the remedy.

Our Highly Accelerated Life Testing Process

Where possible, we will advise during the early stages of design to ensure adequate HALT testability on the product.

  1. HALT Testing is conducted at the sub-assembly stage
  2. A HALT Test is completed at system level

The system level HALT Testing is the most important, but each of these two tests is capable of detecting different types of failure.

Conducting Highly Accelerated Life Testing will expose weaknesses and help you to correct them, increasing the operating margins of your product.

Alongside HALT Testing, our lab is also equipped for HASS Testing to find product specific limitations.

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