Environmental Testing

To help your product to stand up to life in harsh environments, ITL has a full suite of facilities to carry out comprehensive ingress protection and environmental testing.

These tests are available to determine your product’s integrity, but they are also a requirement in many standards approvals. Our environmental testing facilities will help you develop your product to meet IEC60068 and equivalent standards.

Thorough environmental testing of your product will include at least some of the following checks:

  • extreme high and low temperatures
  • rapid variations in temperature
  • very high or low humidity
  • blown and settling sand and dust
  • wet environments
  • vibrations (random and sinusoidal)
  • acceleration
  • solar radiation

At ITL, we have all of the facilities and the experienced technicians to develop a programme of environmental testing that is relevant to your product.

Our Testing laboratory

Environmental Testing: Temperature and Humidity

From -70° to +150°C, our temperature and humidity chamber can ramp up at 6°/minute or pull down at 4°/minute and reach a relative humidity of 98%.

Environmental Testing: Vibrations

Our vibration and shock testing table can handle items up to 1.5m x 1.5m x any height. The vibration waveforms are fully programmable and even comply with military testing requirements.

Environmental Testing: Solar and UV Radiation

Our weathering chamber provides accelerated wear under the full spectrum of sunlight. We can determine fading and colour change, loss of strength, brittleness and blistering. Humidity can also be applied in the weathering chamber.

Environmental Testing: Dust and Water Ingress Protection (IP)

ITL’s facilities enable us to determine dust (solid object) ingress at seven levels from no protection to full protection. Similarly, our moisture ingress testing shows eight levels from no protection to protection from continuous immersion.

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