EMC Testing

Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing is an essential compliance requirement in most countries of the world, which by and  large, utilise similar standards.

At ITL we combine years of EMC testing and development experience in several industries with state-of the art test equipment. Along with our independent status, we can offer you a professional and dependable EMC testing service.

As we always say, you need to be able to depend on accurate data from reliable equipment and experienced testers, to ensure your products don’t run into trouble after manufacture.

Our main aim is to help you gain EMC compliance as quickly as possible, so you can enter your target marketplace.

Our Services:

We provide the following services:

  • Conducted Emissions
  • Radiated Emissions
  • Immunity Testing (ESD, EFT, surge, dips and interruptions, magnetic fields)
  • Product Certification

Our Broad knowledge

At ITL, we have a varied and complete technical understanding of the phenomenon known as EMC and the conformity requirements of each country. Our EMC testing includes:

  • ANZ RCM conformity
  • ACMA
  • EMC Declaration
  • European standard CE mark testing
  • FCC compliance for North America
  • CISPR and IEC Standards

Our Testing laboratory

To complement our extensive technical knowledge, we have the EMC testing laboratory equipment to provide accurate and reliable results.

The laboratory has a 3m fully anechoic chamber manufactured by ETS-Lindgren, a leader in this field. With this we are able to accurately determine any product’s EMC compliance by measuring its Radiated Emissions (RE) as well as determining a product’s immunity to RF fields. In addition, ITL offers conducted emission and power disturbance testing within a fully shielded room.

What ITL delivers

  • Experienced, professional test engineers and technicians
  • Advanced EMC Testing laboratory facilities
  • Quick and simple booking service
  • Immediate data availability following test completion
  • Comprehensive test report

Our aim is to help you achieve compliance to a standard. In the event that your product does not meet a required EMC testing standard, we can still assist. Our experienced technicians can work with you to analyse the test data and help with engineering solutions to resolve EMC issues.

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